We provide end-to-end transactional solutions to our clients globally, across a wide range of capital strategies and funding structures. Our team provide tailored, practical, and innovative advice to help your organization achieve its objectives.

We help clients that are in early conversations about company formation; are seeking to raise capital; and need guidance concerning mining and energy, real estate, oil and gas, mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance, capital markets and securities issues, employment and immigration services, and other general compliance issues.

And we work with clients that are looking to execute their growth, restructuring, or exit strategy – or are a lender or an arranger of capital raising. Each of our clients is unique, which is why we take the time to understand your business’ strategic visions and goals as well as the challenges it will face.

We apply our experience and judgment to fast-moving situations and changing circumstances to deliver insight and effective solutions to corporates, financial institutions and investors.

Our focus includes the following areas:-

Regulatory Compliance

CRAVASON is conversant with the complex regulatory regime that governs our clients’ businesses. We also keep contact with the regulators to understand the positions and the expectations of the regulators in this complex environment as far as businesses operations are concerned.

NGOs Management

We are providing a comprehensive legal and consultancy service with regard to the establishment and management of non-governmental organizations in Tanzania. Cravason assists all sorts of NGOs such as professional associations, foundations, trusts, museums, clubs, higher learning institutions, health care organizations, credit unions, and other non-profit and tax-exempt organizations in recognizing their particular corporate purposes while allowing them to operate effectively and efficiently.

Our areas of focus for our non-profit clients include registration, accreditation, antitrust, intellectual property, corporate transactions, labour and employment, governance, real estate, regulatory practice, tax, technology licensing and litigation. We also represent NGO clients by obtaining and maintaining tax exempt status.

Corporate’s Debt Recovery

In today’s economic climate, many businesses suffer from financial and cash flow problems caused by bad debtors. We regularly provide the complete spectrum of legal services to enforce claims, by offering the following:

  • Pre-litigation steps including conservatory measures, delinquency management and negotiations;
  • Utilization of appropriate insolvency measures to obtain payment;
  • Litigation and arbitration of claims, including advice on appropriate procedure to maximize prospects of speedy enforcement, as well as the use of summary and expedited procedures;
  • Use of alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, alongside or instead of available execution options;
  • Receivership, Insolvency and Corporate Restructurings.

Our objective is to achieve full payment for our clients in the shortest time period possible, or to negotiate with debtors to agree a workable payment solution acceptable to our client without recourse to litigation. We also have wide experience in debt recovery actions (including asset seizures and bankruptcy proceedings) across the country.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), as well as corporate restructuring, feature strongly in today’s corporate environment. Businesses are looking for original solutions that will help them to achieve their commercial objectives while mitigating risk exposure. M&A initiatives are highly sensitive and we acknowledge and respect our clients’ need for confidentiality.

We exercise the greatest discretion in all M&A dealings – both inside and outside the firm, especially since our role includes fostering partner buy-in to proposed combinations. Our goal in every merger is to maximize the value of a client’s strengths, culture, brand equity and marketplace position.

Our lawyers’ experience allows us to execute cross-border deals seamlessly while supporting clients across all stages of the transaction and offering cost-effective and pragmatic business solutions.

Our M&A legal team works seamlessly in coordinating transactions, dealing with regulatory requirements, advising on tax matters, managing and conducting due diligences and preparing all the required documentation.

CRAVASON assists clients through all stages of a transaction, from preparing the business for sale or performing due diligence, to negotiating the purchase agreement, coordinating the closing across multiple jurisdictions, and integrating the operations of the resulting business. From deal inception to business integration, we help clients close the gap between aspiration and achievement.

Banking and Finance

Today's lenders and borrowers face a myriad of challenges, including restrictions on foreign banks’ lending to companies in certain jurisdictions, distressed debt and increasing complexity of financial services regulation across the world.

With most financing transactions that involve global companies requiring execution in more than one jurisdiction, and local law requirements posing challenges that can significantly affect deal value, it is crucial that their lawyers can navigate them through this complex environment.

CRAVASON is exceptionally well positioned to do this. Our practice is particularly noted for its proficiency in acquisition finance, project finance, restructuring and insolvency, financial services regulation, structured finance, trade and export finance, real estate finance and securitization.

We also offer lenders with efficient debt recovery measures to doubtful borrowers to ensure that your lending business sustains and grows effectively.

Employment, Labour and Immigration Services

We are more than ready to assist you in these areas. CRAVASON represents clients on various employment and labour related matters including providing different legal opinions on disciplinary hearing procedures, termination and drafting employment contracts.

We also assist in making applications for working and residence permits for foreign experts who are about to secure employment opportunities within the country and keep an updated regulatory requirement as desired by the regulators from time to time.

And in event of disputes therefrom, we are ready and actually do represent our clients in various labour disputes resolution machineries.

Mining and Energy

Mining and Energy companies face a range of challenges in health, safety, and environmental issues, complex regulatory due diligence, cyber-security risks and weakened commodity prices, to mention but a few.

Whether you have a complex transaction, mining license to secure, an energy project to finance, mining to develop, regulation to navigate, a contentious dispute to resolve, or intellectual property to protect or manage, we will work as part of your team to solve your toughest legal issues. We understand that markets, technology, and regulation are major business drivers in the mining and energy sectors.

Our clients include both privately and publicly traded mining companies engaged in mineral development in providing advice for corporate transactions, finance (including streaming transactions), securities, mine development, concessions and dispute resolution. We bring clients innovative legal solutions related to mineral development, processing, extraction and trading.

We use our knowledge of local markets and our familiarity with international best practices to bring you practical solutions that can be implemented wherever your business takes you. Our full-service mining and energy team advises clients in all key areas, both in terms of operations and outbound investment.

Oil and Gas

The team at CRAVASON has extensive knowledge and experience in legal and regulatory framework in Tanzania relating to oil and gas matters ranging from negotiating Production and  Sharing Agreements (PSAs) with the Government of the United Republic of Tanzania to licensing processing and providing our clients with high level legal advice on the policies, laws and regulations applicable to the downstream, mid and upstream petroleum industry.

Real Estates and Conveyancing

With volatility in the global economy and the emergence of new real estate investors such as insurance companies and pension funds, the commercial real estate market has become much more competitive. Evolving regulatory requirements in key real estate markets and rapidly changing economic environments have made it more challenging for multinational companies and other investors to manage their real estate portfolios.

CRAVASON assists institutional and private equity investors, multinationals, banks and hotels all of their global real estate needs, from buying, selling and leasing property to financing and constructing major projects. As a one-stop shop for real estate legal services across key markets, we develop world-class transactional strategies, provide corporate real estate services, and advise on global data center real estate development and management.

Capital Markets and Securities

CRAVASON provides practical, commercially-focused advice to issuers, investment banks and selling shareholders on equity, debt and public M&A transactions.

With our local and technical sector expertise and knowledge, we provide practical, commercially-focused advice to maximize deal certainty.

We represent issuers, investment banks, and selling shareholders in equity and debt transactions including domestic and cross-border (Initial Public Offerings) IPOs, debt issuances and programs, and complex, multi-jurisdictional acquisitions and divestitures involving public companies.

We work closely with our clients on all legal related issues in listing activities at the Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) while keeping up with the regulator of the industry, that is,  the Capital Market and Securities Authority (CMSA).

Telecommunication, Media and Information Technology

With new technologies being developed which often complement existing platforms, forward-thinking companies can take advantage of these strategic opportunities within the marketplace.

The rise in enterprise-first adoption around the Internet of things comes after a period where consumers have been driving much of the technological change, and so organizations have to react to this.

Increasingly deals have a global focus – while mergers and acquisitions remain a key driving force within the sector.

Our firm has local market knowledge, delivering real value in the process and can help you to remain profitable in what remains a quickly evolving industry. We focus on three key areas - Communications, Digital Media, and Technology.