Governments around the world are implementing policies that demand greater financial transparency and seeking higher tax revenues from the corporates.

Navigating the evolving global tax environment requires experience, and a deep understanding of the work of multinational companies and investors.

As your trusted tax counsel and consultant, CRAVASON’s practice on this area provides advisory, compliance and tax dispute resolution services.

Our tax lawyers and consultants have extensive experience in supporting clients in the banking and finance, mining, agriculture, telecommunications and broadcasting, manufacturing, infrastructure and service sectors.

Drawing on national, regional and international exposure and know-how, the team provides practical solutions to the complex tax issues that arise in businesses.

Our team’s background in tax laws, practice, economics and accounting gives us the edge in analyzing transactions and business structures to provide pragmatic solutions for today’s dynamic and challenging tax regimes.

The team provides the full range of tax services that address the complex challenges faced by businesses. Our tax compliance and advisory services are designed to optimize business operations.

On this area, CRAVASON offers the following services:

Tax Dispute Resolution and Management

Tax authorities don't always agree with your carefully considered tax position(s). Sometimes they want you to do things you don't want to do. Sometimes they behave unfairly. Sometimes they get the law wrong or it is not enforceable. And sometimes there has just been a mistake that needs unwinding with minimal tax cost.

CRAVASON has real tax dispute knowledge and experience.  We know how to resolve problems, knowledge sharing and working together to solve real tax-problems. 

Our tax litigators and consultants represent clients at all stages of tax dispute resolutions, from audit and objections at the taxing authority, to appeals at the Tax Revenue Appeals Board, Tribunal and the Court of Appeal, and alternative dispute resolution proceedings.

Many of our lawyers and consultants are former tax counsel and officers of the taxing authority, who use their understanding of procedures and substantive issues to develop creative approaches to problem solving.

Tax Audit, Tax Health Check and Compliance

Within the country and the region, clients consult us on expert advice on tax audits. They value our wider expertise in forensic audits, gathering and presenting evidence.

Further, our tax team regularly advises our clients regarding compliance on the various obligations for employers in Tanzania in relation to the tax effects of employee compensation, including salaries and wages or incentives to employees.

We also provide periodic tax compliance services including: tax computation, filing returns and tax payment and processing services, preparing annual tax schedules for employees and filing various returns for employees.

VAT/Indirect and Customs Duties

Addressing indirect taxes early with adequate planning can improve cash flow and mitigate absolute costs and risk exposure to additional tax, interest and penalties, income tax audits, and litigation. In essence, VAT affects nearly all transactions involving the provision of goods or services to and from Tanzania, whether to clients located within or across the border.

An understanding of how VAT operates is essential if businesses are to avoid failure to charge VAT when appropriate and unnecessary costs in terms of failure to reclaim VAT charged to them.

Our team helps companies simplify growing indirect tax complexities within their industries. With expertise in VAT, customs and other indirect taxes, we work in combination of knowledge in trade practices, transfer pricing, customs to provide comprehensive advice on transactions and controversies.

Transfer Pricing

With the continuing globalization of our economy, as well as the resulting increase in cross-border transactions and the complexity of domestic and international laws and regulations, multinational companies increasingly recognize the importance of proactively managing transfer pricing to limit related tax risks and take advantage of planning opportunities.

Our consultants are well positioned to help companies address their transfer pricing challenges and opportunities, including preparing transfer pricing documentation. We also provide advice on tax treaty interpretation and application to both institutional and individual clients with interests in Tanzania and the region.

With a deep understanding of legal and industry-specific issues, our team of lawyers, accountants, economists and financial analysts provide a full range of tax and transfer pricing services wherever clients operate.

Business Restructuring and Tax

The 2008 financial crisis could be gone but business cycles are always with us. Business restructurings and insolvencies are common but becoming more complicated. For some, this is a time of great opportunity and growth requiring internal reshuffling to create a platform for expansion.

Companies need clear guidance and a practical approach to dealing with tax issues in distressed or growth situations across the globe.

Our team helps debtors, creditors, equity stakeholders, buyers, sellers, and investors on their business restructurings and insolvencies vis-à-vis tax issues at play.

Tax for Mergers and Acquisition

We help devise and implement tax strategies for public and private mergers and acquisitions to help ensure all corporate and tax implications are comprehensively addressed. 

As your trusted tax counsel, our team provides global tax planning for mergers and acquisitions as well as pre-spin off and post-acquisition restructuring to ensure all corporate and tax implications are comprehensively addressed.

We also help draft and review transaction documentation so that potential risks are avoided. With deep local tax abilities and a uniquely collaborative culture, we can conduct complex, multijurisdictional due diligence to identify gaps that significantly impact pricing.

Tax Planning

We provide domestic and international tax planning for national and multinational companies, partnerships and investors in our jurisdiction and the region.

Accounting for tax considerations in all of the countries involved in a company's international structure or transaction, our goal is to support clients in operating from a worldwide position that supports their overall business objectives.

Additionally, we advise partnerships, limited liability companies, trusts, corporations and other pass-through entities concerning the tax consequences of domestic and international transactions.

We assist in the formation of, the drafting of documents with respect to, and tax planning for, pass-through entities formed by major corporations as well as those utilized by individuals and closely-held businesses.

Real Estates and Tax

The real estates and real estates investment trusts tax matters on your plate are increasingly complex. You need to keep up with recent reforms and best practices to stay competitive and cost-efficient.

Our team of tax advisers will perfectly work with you on these matters. We are creative and bold, but always pragmatic. We help public and private real estate companies at the highest level.

Together with you, we structure the most tax-efficient real estate transactions. With our team, you can navigate real estates and its related tax matters with confidence.

Tax Exemptions

The work you do is critical. Being tax exempt comes with opportunities, but also responsibilities and problems to solve. Understanding the nuances of your status is vital. Our tax team guides you through the maze – from the formation and operation of nonprofit tax-exempt entities to handling complex tax-exemption applications, and dealing with tax authorities on audit and controversy matters.

Having a massive experience on Tanzania’s exemption regime, we handle tax-exempt considerations of restructurings, mergers, joint ventures, investments, and activities involving unrelated business income tax. We also advise on compliance on exemption issues, compensation matters, intermediate sanctions, and how to expand your programs internationally.